Not Shaky Liverpool at Anfield

Manchester United need to be aware of their match against Liverpool this weekend. You see, so far no team that can beat “The Red” at Anfield this season.

Recorded was 13 times Steven Gerrard et al playing at home, and not once did they let the fans witnessed a defeat. No other Premier League clubs who have never lost at home as their own.

The last time Liverpool perform in the stadium “haunted” it was last night, when dueling against Manchester City in the Carling Cup semi-final. Although time lags 1-2, but they can force a 2-2 draw – and qualify for the finals.

Although not yet terkalahan when playing at home, Liverpool is also not too familiar with the victory. Squad Kenny Dalglish was only won five times, but was detained tetamunya to eight times, including by semenjana clubs such as Norwich, Swansea, and Stoke City.

Even so, this record will be valuable capital ahead of the game against Manchester United in the FA Cup fourth round on Saturday (28 / 1) day after tomorrow. At their meeting them at Anfield, Manchester United were held 1-1.


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