Pazzini So the specter for Giallorossi

Lecce may be targeted for “wrath” after Inter Milan were knocked out of the Coppa Italia. Capitalize Giampaolo Pazzini plus a row of positive record over his opponent, the Nerazzurri ready to achieve full points.

As champions Inter in the Coppa Italia last two editions have stalled pace in the quarter, after a 0-2 defeat of Napoli. One trophy that can be taken this season had to get out of hand.

With the rate being positive in Serie A, Inter should not be sustained in the long-awaited disappointment because it was on the Via del Mare, Lecce this weekend. With opponents who are now in the red zone, La Beneamata have a great chance of winning.

Moreover, Inter have a good record against teams nicknamed the Roma – the same as AS Roma – this is also a plus Pazzini up front.

The following data and statistics related to match Lecce vs Inter quoted by Eurosport

Lecce lost 23 times from Inter and conceded 70 goals – more than any other rivals in Serie A.

Inter’s unbeaten in the last nine meetings with Lecce in Serie A and only conceded three goals in eight games Salentini cons.

Inter has always scored goals in the last 14 duel with Lecce with an average of two goals per game

Lecce had lost 12 times this season and most of the other Series A participants.

Inter always win in the last seven games in the League. The last time the Nerazzurri winning streak is eight times between November and December 2008

Inter always win with a score of 1-0 in his last four games away

Giampaolo Pazzini has scored seven goals in his last six meetings with Lecce, more than any other opponents in Serie A

Against Lecce, Pazzini scored the only hat-trick of his career in Serie A, while playing for Sampdoria.

This action is also brought together a team that most of his shot hit the post (Inter, 11) against a team of at least his shot on the pole (Lecce, 1)

Lecce is 13 times the loss rate from a superior position, more banyk than any other team in the competition this season.


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