Red Devils’ Asked to Focus on Football

Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, asked his team to focus on the performance in the field of counter-Liverpool FA Cup match. He banned the ‘Red Devils’ thinking about other things outside of it.

Duel Liverpool versus Manchester United in the FA Cup fourth round on Saturday (28/01/2012) night local time, difficult to remove from the cases that could involve racism Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez. This is the first time that Evra will return tasting grass Anfield after Suarez was suspended eight games due to the case.

Although Evra and potential supporters of derision host, Ferguson asked his team to ignore it. For him, the important thing is about the game on the field.

“As Steven Gerrard said yesterday, there is the responsibility of the players to behave properly. So also fans of both teams,” said Ferguson as quoted by Sky Sports.

“We want to make sure that we were just talking about the game, not the other,” he continued.

“This is a big game for both clubs. There is a remarkable profile in it,” said the man was 70 years.

“I believe in myself. We want to talk about the game of football. This is something you’ve been waiting for. This is what I would do,” he said


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