Remember the ‘Tragedy’ April 2011, Madrid

Records owned by Real Madrid’s chic capital so important to deal with Real Zaragoza at home in the weekend. But Los Blancos have to be vigilant because your opponent to win at the Santiago Bernabeu last season.

Madrid is in a “wounded” live action last week to the 20th La Liga this season after Barcelona eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Copa Del Rey yesterday. Though their tournament wins last season.

Obviously Zaragoza who will come to the capital, Sunday (01/29/2012) pm dawn tomorrow could be a “meal” Jose Mourinho’s soft to the troops was to vent their anger, while distancing chase Barca in the second position.

Moreover, Madrid so superior record at home this season with eight victories and one defeat from 9 matches.

But remember if Zaragoza has the potential to surprise although this time sitting in a position protruding due on April 29, 2011, Los Blanquillos won 3-2. Zaragoza is a team than Barca are able to win at home to Madrid.

The following data and related statistical Madrid vs Zaragoza duel that was launched from Eurosport

Real Madrid had only lost four times from Zaragoza in the cage at the party the league (47 wins 6 series)

Child custody is Jose Mourinho has won 14 of their last 15 league matches

Aside from Barcelona, ​​Real Zaragoza were the last team that can win at the Bernabeu in the party leagues (3-2 in April 2011)

The Manos – nicknamed Real Zaragoza, had 12 games without a win and three game again settled down to match their worst record in La Liga (15 games in season 1942/43)

Zaragoza is a team with the worst away record in the league this season, with only three points (all draws) of the 30 points that can be taken

Forces Manolo Jimenez scored only two goals in the last eight games in the league, in which only the Granada (12 goals) who scored the least goals (14)

Only four of the 12 teams who could escape relegation after only having 12 points from 19 matches (scheme three points to win)

Real Madrid has scored 67 goals in 19 league matches their mining, so the record for the whole team who played in the Spanish top competition

This season Real Madrid scored the most goals in the second round (40 goals), Zaragoza at least (6)

The entire Real Madrid substitute has scored 10 goals this season in the league, at most compared to other teams

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 20 goals through the penalty spot.


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