Skip Federer, Nadal into final

Rafael Nadal was forced to serve stringent opposition from his nemesis, Roger Federer, the party’s semi-finals, before finally won and advanced to the final round of the Australian Open.

In a match that was held at Rod Laver Arena, Thursday (01/26/2012) afternoon local time, Nadal won the battle through four sets, 6-7 (5), 6-2, 7-6 (5) and 6-4 in the 3 hours 39 minutes.

In the first set Federer started the match well as capable of winning a quick 4-1, which is then able to equalize finished 4-4. Federer and Nadal chasing each number up to 6-6 before Federer won through tie-break 7-6.

Entered in the second set Federer dropped the game without difficulty, and Nadal could dominate the Swiss rivals to be equalized 1-1 through 6-2.

Federer rose slightly in the third set with a catch of 4-5 finished 5-5. And then Nadal winning 6-5 before Federer be equated again by 6-6. Nadal finally turned 2-1 ahead after winning the tie break 7-5.

In the deciding set, aka the fourth set, Nadal was trying to end the game faster. But Federer forced him to play tight resistance to the score finished 4-4, before finally a Federer backhand that out makes Nadal cruised into the finals with a 6-4 victory.

Nadal on top of the party will face the winner of the party between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.


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