Fergie: Welbeck Will Still Better Again

Increased ability shown Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck makes Sir Alex Ferguson happy. Welbeck is believed to still be better.

After several times through the loan, Welbeck back to Old Trafford. In this season, 21-year-old striker was successfully penetrate the core of MU squad.

Although time bandaged injury early in the season, Welbeck has returned to top form in recent weeks. He scored four goals in six games.

With his physical posture plus a tall, robust maturity, Ferguson believes could be the better appearance Welbeck.

“We were always aware of the ability of Danny Welbeck. The issue of physical seakrang. When he was 16 years old he has problems with his knee because of its growth, then he has a problem in the thigh,” said Ferguson told Sky Sports.

“It’s not serious, just a matter of time for Danny evolved into adult male we’ve seen the signs. He has got a great physical but he’ll be even better. Our statistics show there to be done before he becomes fully mature,” said him.


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