Back Hunting figure in the League

Frenzied Premier League was rolling again this week after last weekend’s “holiday” because of the FA Cup. Points was waiting up for grabs.

In the midst of his efforts to pursue and defend his Manchester City, Manchester United last weekend after getting a blow cut off one of the rival weight, Liverpool in the FA Cup.

So the biggest challenge for the ‘Red Devils’ center this week is to rise from disappointment in the best way: to win. Victory will not only revive the feel positive but also continue to put pressure for the City which are now topping the standings with three-point lead over Manchester United.

MU’s effort will be made in its own cage, Old Trafford, with a host Stoke City on Wednesday (02/01/2012) pm dawn. Although the first meeting this season, both teams finished 1-1, Manchester United remain statistically advantaged because they can win all other meetings – six meetings – Stoke cons.

At the same time, the City will come to the headquarters Everton at Goodison Park. With the recent performance looks less stable as early in the season, The Citizens should be alert to potential surprises right from Everton. Especially since 25 April 2009 City has never been able to win again at the headquarters of Everton.

Meanwhile, residents of the top three Tottenham Hotspur, who at the party last painful defeat in the Premier League from the City, will host Wigan Athletic.

Three points will be hunted down Spurs, not just to Manchester United that is in the position of the two are not getting away, but also in order to maintain a distance of Chelsea is in fourth position with a difference of five points. ‘The Blue’ own middle of this week will be treated to Swansea City.

Fillers top five, Arsenal, will try to scoop up the numbers in order to keep up qualifying for the Champions League next season, when a visit to the Reebok Stadium Bolton Wanderers headquarters, a club that is trying to stay away from the zone of death and in his last fight a surprise success in the league by beating Liverpool.


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