Crisis midfielder, Pirlo missed Milan’s Not

AC Milan in crisis following the injury suffered by midfielder Alexander Merkel. But a 3-0 victory over Cagliari showed that the Rossoneri can still survive, and do not regret dump Andrea Pirlo.

Goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Antonio Nocerino and Massimo Ambrossini give Milan a 3-0 win over Cagliari. Three points from victory to distance the Rossoneri from Juventus in the top spot last at one point.

The victory also demonstrates the power of Milan left many players despite the injury. Massimiliano Allegri lost a few players especially in midfield after the latter Merkel is rumored to be out for up to eight weeks.

Milan had already lost the pillars of the middle ground as Kevin Prince Boateng, Matthieu Flaminidan Alberto Aquilani. The condition was then led to speculation kalai Diavolo Rosso missed Pirlo, midfield general released to Juventus at the beginning of the season. Moreover, Pirlo is now so important key Bianconeri in the top position.

“Last season I’ve decided that his tactics will change. Pirlo is seoarng champion and (now) have a good season, but the breakup is mutual agreement and good for us economically. True if this team win with (the players) champion, but some are still picking the win after being sold, “said Allegri on Football Italia.

Related conditions midfield yan now lost four players, Allegri sure if there’s nothing new quarterback will be brought. Success Nocerino and contribute Ambrossini goal to prove that the Rossoneri midfield still bertaji.

“Do we need to buy a midfielder? No, I did not say it. I’m not worried because tonight Urby Emanuelson played very well and its performance improved.”

“He played with the feet of the ‘wrong’, because although Nocerino use the right foot, he can provide the best on the left side of the field,” complete Allegri.


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