Djokovic: Can Unfortunately Not There Two Winners

Novak Djokovic of high respect to Rafael Nadal after both fought nearly six hours at the Australian Open final. I wish to share the title, Djokovic called his opponent also deserve to be champions.

Djokovic and Nadal showed tremendous fight when they tried to snatch the best status in the Australian Open final on Sunday (01/29/2012) evening hrs. Through the duel lasted nearly six hours, the Serb deputy beat Spain with 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7, and 7-5.

After the grueling match, Djokovic gave high praise to Nadal. Nadal is also worthy of mention that the winner in that game on a great history that has been both created in the meeting.

“Unfortunately there can not be two winners, but the game made ​​history today. I wish the best for Rafa and his entire team good luck for the rest of the season,” Djokovic said after accepting the championship trophy.

Victory is repairing a record attendance of Nadal Djokovic to 14 victories and 16 defeats. Australian Open 2012 title is both a fifth Grand Slam title for 24-year-old tennis player.

“I want to thank the coaches, girlfriends and all the families who for many years accompanied my journey, supported me personally and professionally, you are my biggest supporters. This all would not be possible without you.”

“The audience here, O Lord, you are truly extraordinary. When you come to Australia, regardless of any origin, for here all the players feel loved. Also, I wish to thank the supporters of Serbian origin, both here and in home, “complete Djokovic in Marca.


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