Guardiola: No Need to Blamed

Draw with Villarreal to Barcelona now seven points behind Real Madrid. For failure to points fully at El Madrigal, Josep Guardiola said nobody is to blame because Barca had to perform well.

“We played well and a lot of balls drain. There are still 18 games and and I want this team to fight for every point, like we did tonight. We played well, no one to blame.”

The statement was made ​​after Barca Guardiola could only counter Villarreal a 0-0 draw. Although only achieve good results after ejecting Real Madrid from the Copa del Rey, Barca failed to continue the good appearance.

Can only make one point behind Lionel Messi cs now seven points from El Real in top positions. Although the competition is still going to spin the wheel longer, the condition is clearly difficult for Barca in an effort to retain the title.

“Disadvantaged five points better than seven. We had less luck in the effort netted the ball into the goal,” Guardiola completed in the U.S..


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