Kaka: Real Madrid Still have to clean

Real Madrid Kaka retainer of assessing his team still need to clean up was successful despite a 3-1 win over Real Zaragoza. Because the El Real return should be left earlier.

In the match at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday (29/01/2012) pm dawn, left Madrid in advance of the visitors when Lafita scored in the 11th minute.

In a number of his last appearance, Madrid does have a tendency for left earlier than teams that became his opponent.

Factors that make Kaka, the opponent scores an equalizing goal scorer Zaragoza, Madrid immediately make corrections requested. “We have to fix some things because we can not keep conceding first,” he said at the Madrid site.

Even so, the reaction from Madrid who managed to win after the first lag also makes Kaka happy because it meant his team had a spirit of unyielding.

“(Support in the stadium of Santiago) Bernabeu always help us. The rise of this kind shows the characters and the audience felt it too,” said Kaka.


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