Los Blancos Just Think of Victory

Real Madrid will no longer be embarrassed by Real Zaragoza at the Santiago Bernabeu. Los Blancos were just wanting to win when they meet again with the Blanquillos in the same place.

April last year, Madrid appeared before tens of thousands of his own supporters be disappointed by Zaragoza. They were narrowly defeated by a score of 2-3. Zaragoza became the only team other than Barcelona who can win at the Bernabeu.

Sunday (29/01/2012) pm dawn later, Zaragoza will return to the stable to visit Madrid. Although the current potential adversaries they inhabit distended position in La Liga, Madrid did not want to belittle his guest.

“Squad was just thinking about the match against Zaragoza, which certainly will be difficult. Regardless of performance, they can beat us last year,” said Assistant Coach Madrid, Aitor Karanka, the club’s official website.

At dawn the game later, Madrid still targeting full points in order to continue to maintain the distance with Barca.

“Squad just think about winning and showing a good game,” added Karanka.

Furthermore, Karanka Madrid asks fans to continue supporting the team, regardless of their cheer coach Jose Mourinho told some time ago.

“The important thing is the fans support the team. Every time they mention the name of the coach, he (Mourinho) and then pointing to the field so that they support the players. This is the most important of all,” he said.


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