Mazzarri pity Napoli Poor Start

Walter Mazzarri complained about the poor performances of Naples in the early game counter Genoa. He considered it as the cause of defeat of Il Grifone.

Visit to Luigi Feraris, Sunday (01/29/2012) night, Il Partenopei behind 0-3 until the game entered the 70th minute. At the time left, Napoli scored only two goals and was unable to avoid defeat.

The defeat was assessed Mazzarri not separated from the poor appearance of Edinson Cavani et al in the first round. They make mistakes and eventually lost 2-3.

“We showed a much better performance in the second half, but we made ​​a mistake at the beginning and it took 30 minutes to get into the rhythm of the game,” said Mazzarri was quoted as saying by the Italian Football.

Looking at the resistance shown in the second half of foster children, Mazzarri assess his team deserve a point. But he also did not deny if Genoa is stronger and his team was too late to catch up.

“This game is a struggle and maybe we deserved a point to remember how we got back into the game.”

“Genoa is stronger, more aggressive and more excited than we were in the first round. After their second goal, we played very well, but it was too late to catch up,” completion.


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