Mourinho Reportedly Start sultry, Wenger & Benitez Name Appears

Jose Mourinho’s future at Real Madrid so speculation following the news that calls itself was no longer at home. It was at the same time bring the name Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Under the direction of Mourinho, Madrid is still leading the Primera Liga standings with seven points advantage over the enemy of weight at the same time defending champion Barcelona.

However, it did not dampen the rumors about Mourinho’s future at the Santiago Bernabeu. Criticism against him, politics in the club, and an internal feud reportedly had designed the man sick of Portugal.

As a result, Mourinho, who began menukangi Madrid since May 31, 2010 was dilaporlan was no longer at home in his place today. He touted want to return to England with Chelsea diarunginya ever.

“Jose was sick and tired of the situation in Marid. There would be no difference whether he could win this season or not. It’s not a matter of money,” said a source close to Mourinho told The Sunday Times quoted by ESPN.

“He has decided to return to England and he will go this summer,” continued the source.

Unclear which club being targeted or already eyeing the man who also had gush Benfica, Uniao de Leiria, FC Porto and Inter Milan.

In connection with these rumors, a number of candidates also appear to replace Mourinho at Madrid. Independent speculates that Rafael Benitez and Joachim Loew will be the strongest candidate.

Benitez, who has not yet deal with the club after a move from Inter Milan, referred to have a good relationship with Florentino Perez, who is also president of Madrid was preparing for his re-nomination. While Loew believed to be resigned as coach of the German national team after Euro 2012.

Besides the two names, there are also the name Wenger. After so many years menukangi Arsenal, Wenger has recently started rocking position because it has not returned to bring his team to win a trophy.

Remarkably, Madrid and Arsenal even speculated it could just be swapped managers; Mourinho to Arsenal and Wenger to Madrid.

“Exchange of Wenger-Mourinho, as manager of Arsenal, Real Madrid seems to be the most likely,” the Emirates 24 / 7, a discourse that is also triggered by the British media in The Sun.


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