Related Cases Racism, Chelsea Insist Maybe Terry

Chelsea will probably give off to John Terry. This is related to racism case involving the captain and Queens Park Rangers defender, Anton Ferdinand.

Terry still play, good for Chelsea or for England, when the accusations cast racist words to Ferdinand. The case occurred when the two teams that defended dealing each player at Loftus Road last October.

Terry often get scorn after the incident. Even the case was to involve the police.

The tension is carried in the game until both teams in the FA Cup last weekend. In order to relieve tensions, the FA negate the handshake process between players who usually done before the game.

Terry has issued denials. Still, he can not escape from the court process. The Blues manager, Andre Villas-Boas, also claim to be willing to give it a holiday in order to stand trial is scheduled to be held the middle of this week.

“Frankly, if this is important for justice, we will give him a holiday,” says Villas-Boas as reported Sportinglife.

Villas-Boas himself praised Terry’s appearance on the field, despite having problems. He considered, Terry’s performance did not decline.

“We have not stopped playing John and level of performance is totally unaffected,” the man from Portugal is straightforward.


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