The reaction awaits Inter & Udinese

Juventus and AC Milan to fight both on board while the top of the standings for two pursuers, Inter Milan and Udinese just lost her figure. Order to increase the thrill Serie A, Inter and Udinese positive reactions are now awaited.

Juve are still perched at the top of the standings with 44 points. Milan stalking tight underneath with one point difference. Both are equally reap the full points in giornata 20.

The victory proved to be quite crucial for Juve and Milan are considering two other competitors, Udinese and Inter, both lose points for losing; Udinese and Inter defeated Juventus seized from Lecce. As a result Udinese unmoved in third position with 38 points while Inter (36 points) evicted Lazio (35 points) to fifth position.

“It’s important for us to reap victories. We were so still able to follow Juve and has been away from the pursuit of his opponents because of Udinese and Inter lose this weekend,” said Milan Massimilano allenatore Allegri relief.

However, Udinese and Inter certainly would not want to linger and undoubtedly disappointed directly targeting the rise in giornata 21 who held the middle of this week.

Udinese will try to do it at the Stadio Friuli with a host Lecce, Thursday (02/02/2012) pm dawn. As one of the two teams have never lost at home this season – Juve are the other teams – Udinese clearly have more motivation to face Lecce is also not be underestimated because of being confident after the win over Inter.

Meanwhile Inter, who finished the rate of seven consecutive wins in Serie A due to lost of Lecce, the numbers certainly do not want to lose anymore and wants to return to a positive track. Public support Giuseppe Meazza will provide additional motivation for Inter host Palermo when the middle of this week.

In this 21 giornata party Juve will be the team that first down play with a visit to the headquarters of Parma, Wednesday (1 / 2) pm dawn. If Juve can win it, the only Serie A team that has not been lost on away games, no doubt will give more pressure to Milan who are in a position to pursue.

Milan itself will engage fierce duel opponents Lazio at the Olimpico. Rossoneri can not underestimate the Biancocelesti because statistics noted that the last four meetings both in Serie A always end in a draw.


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