Van Persie elbowed Players Accused of Villa

The news came less savory Robin Van Persie after the Arsenal victory over Aston Villa in the FA Cup match. Van Persie was accused of elbowing defender opponent, Carlos Cuellar and FA asked to investigate the incident.

Van Persie appeared as a hero for the Gunners by scoring twice from the spot in a 3-2 victory before dawn. Meanwhile, one other goal was made by Theo Walcott.

But the Villa manager, Alex McLeish assess Dutch international striker has made a serious violation shortly after scoring his second goal. Van Persie looks elbowed players, Cuellar in the face.

The referee, Michael Jonah was near the incident but did not consider it a violation. Although players who violated its own no fuss, but McLeish believes there is deliberate action from Van Persie and asked the FA to take action.

“If it is a dig on the face, yes I want them (FA) to see it,” McLeish said on Sky Sports. “I do not want to designate who it was, but this is something you do not want to see.”

“I saw what happened immediately and I have not seen the tape on television, but it seemed he was elbowed in the face. Cuellar is not someone who falls if he is not sick,” McLeish straightforward.


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