Want Zaragoza Madrid injures Again

Real Zaragoza will come to the Santiago Bernabeu without fear. Blanquillos undaunted, and hopes to return Real Madrid humiliate himself before the public.

Duel Madrid and Zaragoza at the Bernabeu on Sunday (29/01/2012) pm dawn, is the meeting of earth and sky. Madrid sits atop the Spanish league standings, while Zaragoza fell in the most distended position.

Under these conditions, Madrid clearly favored to win, maybe even with a big score. However, the visitors do not be afraid because they’d been partying at the Bernabeu.

April last year, Zaragoza had not taken into account which can be overthrown Los Merengues with a thin score 3-2. This is what they want to repeat the next morning.

“Of course, we could make a surprise. We’re nothing to lose,” said Zaragoza midfielder, Apono, told Marca.

“We are at the bottom of the league, it’s true. And Real Madrid is in a different league. But we believe there is much we can be. Any positive results will be good for team morale,” he added.

“We have to respect them, but do not fear them. We are against the league leaders and we know that they have more quality than us,” said Apono.

“What you need to do is know what you are doing at this time. The idea is clear. If you are not the focus, almost certainly they will score goals. So we must be vigilant and take advantage of our opportunities,” said the player’s full name is Antonio Galdeano Benitez .

“I think it might just win there. The situation is somewhat complex because Real Madrid is a great team and we are at the bottom. But, by doing everything well, not nervous, and know what we can accomplish, we can hurt them,” he concluded.

Photo: Expression of player Real Zaragoza, Maurizio Lanzaro, after his team beat Real Madrid 3-2 at the Santiago Bernabeu, 30 April 2011. (Getty Images)


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