Event rider Simon Gerrans wins Tour Down Under

GreenEDGE cycling team is in top position, and the cyclist Simon Gerrans refine them with a resounding victory in the Champions Santos Tour Down Under 2012.

The final round of this fight for more than 20 lap circuit in Elder Park, Adelaide CBD Australia with the distance of 90 kilometers clad temperature conditions of 37 degrees. Recorded on a thermometer in each bike rider that shows the numbers 52.

“I’ve got Robbie McEwen who keep me and this is a very special considering this is his last fight for a career as a racer in Australia,” he said when asked about his partner in the team, McEwen who has an impressive track record in the history of Santos Tour Down Under event, namely 12 times the victory.

“We had a very tough task this time, to conquer Alejandro Valverde, the classic racer and tough. And this is even the sweetest victory of that ever got in 2006. I use this opportunity to say many thanks for all the family Ryan (pemiilik GreenEDGE team Gerry and Andrew) also did not forget Shayne Bannan (GreenEdge General Manager), which brings together this team. For us, this is a good start to start the beginning of the year.

“I made a target to be able to marry off his national championship and the Tour Down Under event. Everything has been successful, so it is a real dream start. ”

Simon Gerrans life outside the track is not much different. For him, he was wearing fashion should reflect the spirit of his time is on track. Glasses become an important accessory especially as he often competed in different environmental conditions. Outdoor sport demands a lot of strenuous activity with different fields and this can cause visual problems. It required glasses are designed to address all the problems that can arise in vision.

Remarkable spirit of defiance in breaking down boundaries, especially as he pedaled a bicycle at any track conditions made a similar vision of Simon Oakley, leader of the sports brand in the world with leading edge technologies for various types of glasses, goggles, as well as reading glasses / prescription. Exceeding the limits of possibility, Oakley presented the desire of world-class athletes with unparalleled technology that is the lens of High Definition Optics (HDO).


Edwards Ready to Sepang Again After Tragic Incident

For the first time since the Malaysian GP last year, Colin Edwards will return to the Sepang circuit, where he is, Marco Simoncelli and Valentino Rossi involved horrific incident.

Edwards certainly could never forget the Malaysian MotoGP race, in October last year. When a new race enters second lap, Tech 3 Yamaha rider was involved with a great crash Simoncelli and Rossi. Racing was eventually discontinued.

Simoncelli was killed in this incident. Edwards himself suffered a dislocated shoulder and was forced to miss the ultimate series in Valencia.

Later this month, Edwards will return to Sepang. U.S. racers will follow a three-day pre-season tests.

“Well, back to Sepang will be quite emotional,” I Edwards in Crash.

“I think it’s important to get there and back on track after what happened a few months ago,” he added.

This season, Edwards will last experience with strengthening the Suter-BMW team. Suter is a team representative Claiming Rule Team (CRT), a new regulation introduced this season.

New Ducati Motor Curtain Mystery Not disclosed

Ducati Desmosedici GP12 is still mysterious. In a closed private test, which tested the Carlos Checa was just admitted to not say a lot.

Different than normal, event last week did not bring Wrooom new ride for Ducati next season. That said, in addition to really want to keep his pledge 1.000cc, Ducati still continue to do development on these motors.

In Jerez, Tuesday (01/17/2012) local time, the Ducati Desmosedici GP12 finally tasting the track with Carlos Checa diving duties as test driver. This test is the first of a three-day plan and conducted closed.

Mystery of the motor that will drive next season Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden were increasingly likely, so that Ducati also has not been officially informed or even spread the photos after the test.

Checa, former MotoGP rider at a time WSB champion, could only give a short statement via his account, @ CarlosCheca7, the microblogging service Twitter.

“The first test this year, get a good impression of the bike, we are working very well. I can not say many things, more tomorrow task again. Ciaoo!” he wrote as reported by Crash.

Currently not much is known about the Desmosedici GP12, besides claimed Ducati Corse General Manager Filippo Preziosi as the ‘mounts the new 90% “. GP12 is also touted to be the first Ducati MotoGP bike that uses a twin-spar aluminum frame.

Through Twitter, Alex Briggs who is one of the mechanics of Rossi also divulge information even though the contents are not necessarily able to answer some question marks there.

“The test in Jerez is an important check and also to get the basic settings for everything. The motor that we have designed is really NEW. Ducati has done a remarkable job since Valencia last test,” on account @ Alex__Briggs kicaunya.

Rossi last season ending with a disappointing debut with Ducati after winning a race incapable of anything, a first notch in his career.

End of this January, Rossi and Hayden will test his new bike in an official MotoGP test in Sepang, Malaysia

Stoner Appoints Lorenzo as Main Rival

Casey Stoner completed certainly want to return next season as the MotoGP champion. For that, he was wary of a number of riders, with Jorge Lorenzo as a major.

Stoner, who race for the Repsol Honda team, managed to win the MotoGP 2011 after appearing dominant. Of the 18 series, including one that canceled, Stoner won ten of them.

At the end of the season, Stoner tops the standings with a collection of 350 points, 90 points ahead of Lorenzo the championship the previous season, which is in second position.

For next season, the race for Yamaha Lorenzo believed Stoner will again appear competitive and become the main obstacle in defending the world title.

“Jorge will be my main rival, he was champion in 2010 and second in 2011, he will always be there to fight,” Stoner in Autsport value.

Also predicts that former teammate, Andrea Dovizioso, will appear competitive with his new team, Stoner also regrets the 2012 season will be undertaken without Marco Simoncelli, who died after an incident at the track last season.

“Unfortunately we will miss Marco, who I believe will also compete in the future,” he said.

Sepang MotoGP Rider Ready to Greet The Post ‘October Grey’

The MotoGP riders will return to the Sepang circuit for the first time after the incident that killed Marco Simoncelli last season. Sepang were ready to welcome.

Last October the race Simoncelli for San Carlo Honda Gresini last breath after a fatal accident at Sepang in Malaysia MotoGP race.

The tragic incident that occurred at the beginning of the lap-lap race was canceled and then make, after being delayed for a few moments.

After about three months ago, the MotoGP riders will return to Sepang to undergo pre-season test session first on 31 January to 2 February next, followed by a second test session on February 28 to March 1.

A number of leading rider has been confirmed present in the test, as stated by the CEO of Sepang International Circuit (SIC) Datuk Ahmad Razlan Ahmad Razali.

“There’s rider Valentino Rossi idol that will be wrapped in color Ducati for its second season, the defending champion Casey Stoner with Honda and (teammate) Dani Pedrosa,” he explained as quoted by the official website of the Sepang circuit.

“The other good news for fans as 2010 world champion Jorge Lorenzo will be back in action on the new bike Yamaha YZR-M1 at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia,” said Datuk Ahmad Razlan Ahmad Razali.

Last season Lorenzo should be absent in the last two series, Sepang and Valencia, after suffering an injury in the Australian MotoGP warm-up session.

Lorenzo: Rossi Not Out

Age is called Jorge Lorenzo will not be a hindrance for Valentino Rossi returned to the competition’s top league. In this 2012 season, The Doctor believes performance will not be dimmed.

After leaving Yamaha and join Ducati in 2011, Rossi had suffered its worst season during participation in the grand prix series. For the first time, he failed to win any victories.

Many are called if the decline in performance due to the age Rossi was growing dusk, 33 years now. But there is also believed that the poor results was obtained because Ducati have not been able to provide the best mounts.

According to Lorenzo, age will not be a hindrance for Rossi. Though slumped last year, Rossi believes not in a period where he was fading.

“There is no age limit. (Carlos) was in the age of 39 when it reaches peak performances in the arena of superbikes. Valentino is now 33 years old, and he has not weakened,” Lorenzo said in Gazzetta dello Sport and quoted by Autosport.

“Currently in MotoGP there are many good racers. To win you must have a strong feeling with your ride,” said Lorenzo.

Although still able to menajak up and enliven the competition at the top, Lorenzo called Ducati need to work extra hard to make it happen. Moreover, the Italian manufacturer did not have a good bike last year.

“It will not be easy to pursue Yamaha and Honda, but the Ducati beat them in the past. Those manufacturers are small but have lots of great technology and riders in Valentino,” complete Lorenzo.

Underestimating Rossi Stoner Call Himself

Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi denies the statement that called him so successful over the world champion because of huge investments made ​​Honda. The statement shall be deemed Stoner had underestimated him.

Being a world champion 2011 season, Stoner is very dominant on the track to reach 10 victories from 18 races held. Not only that, the drivers from Autralia’s also never finished outside the podium over the past year.

Related to this, say if Rossi was Stoner’s success gained more because of the amount of funds owned by Honda to develop Honda RC212V. The statement was disproved now Stoner, who called The Doctor’s just making excuses because at the same time he even failed to even win with Ducati.

“Valentino belittle what I do myself for myself, my team and Honda last year. That’s not true that Honda spent that much money, because Honda is not a company of fools,” Stoner said in Autosport.

“It makes no sense to invest so much on the motor, the motor 800 cc, which will be retired. Whereas 1000 cc motor is being developed. In fact, the motor 2011 does not do many wonderful things and the proof is not much different bike with a motor 2010,” Stoner adds.

Honda’s dominance in the 2011 season called Stoner emerged as the team already had a good basic bike even before his arrival at the start of the season.

“The fact is that Honda has got a good bike even before I came: just need a new power from outside, a fresh force that can make a difference without having to fear with her role,” complete owner’s two world titles.