Disadvantaged Oldest of Opponents Do not Be Habit, Madrid

Once again Real Madrid have left earlier than his opponent. Fortunately, once again El Real can also react well.

Host Real Zaragoza at the Santiago Bernabeu in the jornada 20 La Liga on Sunday (29/01/2012) pm dawn, Real Madrid managed a 3-1 victory.

Madrid was successfully reap the full points in the cage match. But it must be achieved after the teams left earlier than the opponent.

Lafita successful goalkeeper Iker Casillas in the 11th minute and make Zaragoza 1-0. Before the end of the first half of Madrid can be evened the score by Kaka, until finally turned to excel and win with a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Oezil in the second round.

Including this party then it is four times from Madrid last five parties have left earlier than his opponent. Three of the four parties finally managed to win itself.

In addition to this the party against Zaragoza, Madrid earlier should also be left in the first game against Barca (2-2 draw), Athletic Bilbao (Madrid won 4-1), and Mallorca (Madrid won 2-1). Only when Barca lost 1-2 in first leg of quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey Madrid went ahead alone.

Given this trend, ‘The White’ was diwanti cautioned not accustomed to first miss, so in-game next game should be more disciplined in guarding the defense.

“We do not want tertingal first on the scoreboard becomes a habit,” the courtier Madrid Esteban Granero in his club’s website.

“Their goal (Zaragoza) is our fault and we must not let that mistake. We then are able to combine the operand-operand is good, but we must pay attention to correct in order to avoid lagging behind again,” said Granero.

Note “Disadvantaged Oldest” Madrid:

Mallorca vs Real Madrid 1-2
Tomer Hemed (39 ‘)
Gonzalo Higuain (72 ‘)
Jose Maria Callejon (84 ‘)

Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao 4-1
Fernando Llorente (13 ‘)
Marcelo (25 ‘)
Cristiano Ronaldo (pen 47 ‘)
Cristiano Ronaldo (pen 67 ‘)
Jose Maria Callejon (85 ‘)

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2-2
Pedro (43 ‘)
Dani Alves (45 ‘)
Cristiano Ronaldo (68 ‘)
Karim Benzema (72 ‘)

Real Madrid vs Real Zaragoza 3-1
Lafita (11 ‘)
Kaka (32 ‘)
Cristiano Ronaldo (49 ‘)
Mesut Oezil (56 ‘)


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