Mavs Beat Spurs Through the OT, Heat Bulls Bow

Through additional time to beat the Dallas Mavericks San Antonio Spurs 101-100 in American Airlines Center on Monday (1/30/2012) morning hrs. Miami Heat also got over the Chicago Bulls.

Being host to the Spurs, Dallas troops always excelled in the first two quarters, but to pursue his guests in the last two quarters, until position as strong 91-91. Jason Terry is a hero with the Mavs evened the score in the second half the remaining 1.5 seconds.

Terry went on to record kegemilangannya with four points in 42 seconds past in the future over time, which ensured the victory of the Mavericks. The first one he do it via a jumper, took the bait Dirk Nowitzki, who for the first time appear again after missing four games to recover from the injury to his right knee.

After Shawn Marion steals the ball from Gary Neal, Terry made ​​two free throw in the remaining 17 seconds, and it makes his team ahead 101-98. Spurs could add two points, but just stop there. Mavs win, Terry makes a total of 34 points, her highest so far this season.

Meanwhile in Miami, the Heat defeated the Bulls 97-93. LeBron James et al also lucky enough to throw the Bulls chances to equalize in the final seconds.

MVP last season, Derrick Rose, failed in his first free throw in the final 22.7 seconds, and also failed in a second chance. Opportunities in the remaining 3.7 seconds is also wasted, so that the children of Miami still emerged victorious.

James scored 35 points, Chris Bosh added 24 points plus 12 rebounds. Rose, though failed to save his team, remains the best performers in the Bulls camp. He incised 34 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists.

The results of the match:
MIAMI 97 Chicago 93
Toronto 94 73 NEW JERSEY
Indiana 106 ORLANDO 85
BOSTON 88 Cleveland 87
DALLAS 101 San Antonio 100 (OT)
LA Lakers 106 Minnesota 101
Atlanta 94 NEW ORLEANS 72
LA Clippers 109 DENVER 105


Rose, the Celtics won in Magic Cage

Coming from behind to 27 points, leading the Boston Celtics turned around and beat the Orlando Magic 91-83 on Friday (27/01/2012). LA Clippers are also achieving success in the face of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Playing at Amway Center, Orlando, Magic started the game well. Mastering the first quarter, Dwight Howard et al led by a score of 32-16.

Although not as brilliant in the previous quarter, the Magic still ahead in the second quarter. They were able to close the half-round match by a margin of 31 points on Celtis, the score of 58-27.

The Celtics began the resurrection occurred in the third quarter. Doc River’s farm team able to score 27 points and improve their defenses so that the Magic only add 17 points. The result, the Celtics can cut the difference points to 75-64.

In determining the quarter, the Celtics craze. They could reap 27 points, while the Magic can only eight. Boston forces were victorious with a final score 91-83.

Pierce became the key to the Celtics winning the notch 24 points and 10 assists. E’Twaun Moore contributed 16 points, Kevin Garnett donated 12 points and 10 rebounds.

In the other match LA Clipppers Memphies subdue Grizzlies 98-91. Blake Griffins become the best performers in the stronghold of the Clippers with 20 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. Mo Williams and Chris Paul also recorded 18 points.

Los Angeles Lakers to win Derby

For the second time this season the Los Angeles Derby held back. This time the winner is featured as the Los Angeles Lakers by a score of 96-91.

In the action at Staples Center on Thursday (01/26/2012) noon CST, left over from LA Clippers Lakers 25-27 in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, both the Lakers and Clippers are both recorded 24 points. As a result the Clippers were able to close the first half of the game with a 51-49 advantage.

Sign in third quarter Clippers still ahead with the acquisition of 20 points versus 19 for making them 71-68 ahead. The Lakers can only get up in the final quarter by scoring 28 points while the Clippers only 20.

As a result the Lakers had finally emerged as the winner with a score of 96-91 as well as avenge the defeat in the first meeting with a score of 94-102. The Lakers were also brought an end to the three series of games without a victory.

Shown as the top performer was the Lakers Pau Gasol with 23 points, 10 rebounds and four assists. In the camp there is Blake Griffin Clippers with 26 points and nine rebounds.

While in other games of the Chicago Bulls Indiana Pacers have to give up with the score 90-95. Ronnie Brewer be the best performers with 20 points, 10 rebounds and five assists for the Bulls camp, while Roy Hibber inspire victory Pacers with 20 points and eight rebounds.

Miami Heat saved by the free throw LeBron James in the final seconds to beat the Detroit Pistons with a 101-98. But it appears as the top performer of the Heat is Chris Bosh with 27 points, six rebounds and four assists.

San Antonio Spurs managed to win again after this time defeating the Atlanta Hawks with a score of 105-83. Tiago Splitter is featured as a top performer with 16 points, eight rebounds and two assists.

The results of other matches

NY Knicks 91 CLEVELAND 81
New Jersey 97 PHILADELPH IA 90 (OT)
WASHINGTON 92 Charlotte 75
Milwaukee 105 HOUSTON 99
Oklahoma City 101 New Orleans 91
Minnesota 105 DALLAS 90
Toronto 111 UTAH 106 (OT)
Denver 122 Sacramento 93
GOLDEN STATE 101 Portland 93

Magic Defeat Celtics 87-56

WASHINGTON (AFP / AFP) – Paul Pierce scored 19 points and gave seven assists to lead the Celtics to 87-56 victory over the visitors Orlando Magic in Boston in the continuation of the NBA basketball competition on Monday (Tuesday GMT).

It was the first victory for the Celtics on a winning team in the NBA season is shortened.

Boston Celtics overcame a number of players who are sidelined by injuries, including the main guard Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen.

Rondo missed three consecutive games since suffering an injury to her right wrist, while Allen suffered an injury to left ankle when his team win over Washington last Sunday.

The Celtics also played without forward Mickael Pietrus is reinforced by the French – a shoulder injury – guard Keyon Dooling and center Chris Wilcox.

Brandon Bass to help fill the void of a number of major players, with selepasnya netted 19 points off the bench, and veteran players Kevin Garnett added 14 points with 10 rebounds for the Celtics, who posted a 0-6 win-loss record this season against teams who has a record win more.

Dwight Howard led Orlando with 18 points and 14 rebounds, but no other Magic players who scored a “double figures.”

Howard enters the game by scoring 26 points to surpass Nick Anderson as the top scorer of all time was limited to the Magic scored only 18 points by shooting 4-of-15 times the chance of a shot.

Orlando only able to reach 24.6 percent pitch in those games.

End the series despite defeat Knicks Anthony sag

New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony in the face of sluggish Charlotte Bobcats. Fortunately for the Knicks, other players can show off to win 111-78 and end a series of defeats.

Anthony could only pack one point for the Knicks when treated Bobcats at Time Warner Cable Arena on Wednesday (01/25/2012) noon CST. This is an achievement in the lowest points in his career.

The only points for the Knicks made ​​Anthony was himself born in the quarter after three free throws. While seven of them failed to get another shot menceplos entrance, although he was able to make 11 rebounds and four assists.

By Anthony Blunt, Tyson Chandler appears to be the printer motor points for the Knicks. In addition to collecting the most points in the party’s Knicks with 20 points, Chandler was eventually also became the team’s best performers.

Knicks themselves appear quite dominant menghadapi Bobcats game despite both teams in the first quarter is quite tight and produces 26-23 points to the thin edge of the visitors.

Knicks widen the advantage at the end of the first half to 52-42 after the Bobcats can only add 19 points in quarter two. Knicks the lead in the final quarter which finished third with a score of 73-57 to eventually ensure victory.

To this end a series of Knicks results of a six game losing streak that began on Jan. 12.

Duncan’s 28 points, the Spurs Hornets Bekuk

New Orleans – performed brilliantly when Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs face the New Orleans Hornets. 28 points from it to make the Spurs won 104-102.

In the action at New Orleans Arena on Tuesday (01/24/2012) noon CST, edged the Spurs 30-28 in the first quarter.

Entered in the second quarter and scored the Hornets got 27 points versus 26 points belonging Spurs. But the visitors stay ahead in the final game with a 56-55 first half.

In the third quarter and the Spurs dominate Hornets got a little ahead 80-74 before the three-point Tony Parker be able to trim behind 79-80 at the end of the third quarter.

In the final quarter the game more exciting as both teams take turns leading the Spurs 102-98 and when the game 1:16 into the free throw by Duncan. To then win 104-102 Duncan et al.

Duncan stand out with 28 points, seven rebounds and two assists. But Parker lined up as a top performer with 20 points, two rebounds and 17 assists. Number of assists ever in Parker’s career and the second highest in the history of the Spurs, after Avery Johnson made ​​20 assists in one game in 1997.

Chicago Bulls won for the fourth year in a row after beating the New Jersey Nets at the United Center with a 110-95. Richard Hamilton stand out with 22 points, four rebounds and 10 assists.

Boston Celtis win again and this time the victim is another strong team, Orlando Magic, with a score of 87-56. Kevin Garnet inspire the team with 14 points, 10 rebounds and two assists.

The Lakers defeated the Pacers in the Cage Alone

Los Angeles Lakers defeat the third in the last three games. Playing in front of his own supporters, the Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers 96-98.

Playing at Staples Center on Monday (1/23/2012) afternoon local time, the Lakers appeared dominant in the first quarter, where they managed to outperform the guest with a score of 27-14. The Lakers then added 25 more points in the second quarter, but the Pacers improve the appearance and scored 35 points. LakerUpload/Insert s ahead 52-49 at the end of the quarter.

Pacers rose in the third and fourth quarter, led by Roy Hibbert. He scored 18 points, eight rebounds and four assists. Hibbert had withdrawn from the field when it collided with Kobe Bryant and got injured in his nose.

The visitors scored 28 points in the third quarter, more than the Lakers are only incised 26. However, the Pacers are still lagging behind a thin 78-77 to the Lakers.

Consistency pays off Pacers in the fourth quarter, where they successfully made 21 points, while the Lakers only 18. Bryant, who chalked 33 points in this match, failed to maximize the score when a shot three matches remaining 3.5 seconds again.

For the Lakers, this is the third defeat after defeat at the hands of the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. As for the Pacers, this is the second consecutive victory after successfully defeating the Golden State Warriors.